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                                    Thank you for visiting to Australian Cancer Care (ACC).


                                     ACC (Australian Association of Cancer Care Incorporated) was established to

                                      broaden the Hospice ministry in Australia nationally. ACC registered in Fair

                                     Trading and ACNC on August 3, 2016.


                                        ACC is willing to be a small light that gathers small gifts and talents that we can

                                     offer with our own volunteered sacrifice to light up the dark and difficult corner

                                     of the community. ACC hopes to continue to help and support our patients by

                                     dreaming of a healthier community.

  Australian-Korean Hospice (ACC) provides activities such as sea-sidewalks with people who have been diagnosed with cancer every Saturday. In addition, our 30 volunteers visit the Nursing Home every month and have a "visiting concert for the hospice" making beautiful Koinonia in a multicultural environment. We open many health-related seminars to share the joyful testimonials of recovery, provide a volunteer training program, counselling and treatment programs for better health of our neighbours. ACC develops and maintains not only national but also international organizations through associated activities. All workers in Australian Hospice are volunteers.

  Volunteering, sharing with our neighbors and serving our neighbors is the spirit of the times at the present day. Our volunteering has never been easy. It is not work that we might do if we have spare time and don’t if we have no time. Volunteering is not what we give to our neighbours after we spend for ourselves, but it is a dynamic life that shares our most precious things for our neighbours.
In order that what we need in our community is filled with many invisible hands. In other words, volunteering is a dynamic ministry in which we practically experience the words 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" (Acts 20:35) in the field of our volunteering. Therefore, the ACC Hospice volunteer ministry is a beautiful part of our life that enables us to enjoy the blessed life here now that we may live in beyond death.

  Since October 2017, by making a Checed healing team we are finding a way to overcome cancer by treating the depression that is caused by cancer. The Checed drama therapy program focused on showing actively and genuinely daily life styles that volunteers or patients encounter in the field of life, not the famous drama that requires professional skills by memorizing many paragraphs. It is a program that introduces the beautiful appearance of enjoying the life beyond death in this world and develops a dynamic life that regulates death. Otherwise, Confessed Apostle Paul's dynamic healing faith "Where is your victory? Where is your victory? Where is it that you shoot? Death is a sin, and the power of sin is a law" (1 Corinthians 15: 55-56). We are applying the words to ACC Hospice by pursuing a life of service with its neighbors. We are confessing that "Cancer, what is you shoot, the cancer makes depression, and the power of depression is selfishness". Then all volunteers with cancer patients can share their talents and possessions with other patients and our neighbour. Finally, it is a hospice healing concert where all participants share joy with laughter, dance routine and clapping exercise. Laughter therapy is a great way to prevent depression. And a variety of clapping exercises are effective in preventing dementia.


Anyone who agrees to the philosophy of Australian Hospice (ACC) can join as members. We aim to contribute to bring Shalom to patients with cancer and their families, and further to the society as members of multicultural community in Australia. We invite you to be the co-workers of the hospice (ACC) ministry.


Representative and Public Officer,

Australian Association of Cancer Care Incorporated (ACC)

Rev/Dr Jang Dae Kim


Profile of Rev/Dr Jang Dae Kim

Ph.D. in Education & Social Work, University of Sydney/Ph.D. in Public Administration, Kyunghee University

(Experiences):Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney/

                             Visiting & Adjunct Professor, Soongsil University/

                             Research Scholar, Seoul National University/

                             Senior Minister, Seungmoon Church

(Books Published):Church Administration (Seoul: Solomon Publishing Co. 1995)/

                    Christian Social Welfare(Seoul: Jinheung Publishing Co. 1998)/

                    Christianity and NGOs in Today’s World(Seoul: Kyunghee University Press,2001)/ 

                    Christian Social Welfare II (The Word of Life Press (sole distributor), 2006)/

                    Christianity and Welfare in Today’s World(Daejeon: Christian Welfare Institute

                     Press, 2011) etc.

(Thesis): "Bullying in Schools: A comparison of anti-bullying policy and practice in primary

                   schools in the state of New South Wales, Australia and Kyunggi province, South

                   Korea," 2007(Ph.D. in Education and Social Work, University of Sydney)/

                  “A Study on the Cause and the Policy Alternative of Juvenile Delinquency –Focus on

                  preventing school violence-,” 1998 (Ph.D. in Welfare Administration, Kyunghee