Walking along the beach with Cancer Patients

  Walking along the beach with cancer patients, we encourage one another and give hope of life and improve physical and mental health of the patients.

Cancer patients are physically weak in general and in many cases they even don’t have conversation with close circle and friends, and thus experience extreme loneliness. Moreover, they feel vulnerable and gradually isolate themselves from others as they don’t burden them. Especially when they are undergoing chemotherapy, they become more reluctant to engage any activity with healthy people thinking they are burdensome, hence it makes them weaker physically and mentally.

  However, it needs positive approach to cancer, as it is no longer incurable diseases and it can be cured, believing that malignant cancer cells can be changed to normal cells. Hence walking along the beach improves bio-rhythm and helps cancer patients’ rehabilitation.

  Walking along the beach with cancer patients intends to help their rehabilitation, regain courage and remain positive by recovering their relationship with neighbours and community, hence please keep the following in mind:

1. Do not identify who the cancer patients are. We need effort to help them with joyful heart.

2. Avoid explosive subjects in conversation, such as religions, politics, provincial background, past career, etc.

3. Please follow the leader’s direction such as selecting destinations, managing events and other instructions. It is important for health recovery by having joyous and encouraging events through maintaining order.

4. Without the leader’s consent, restrain one-sided story-telling, teaching or preaching. Please attend this event with serving hearts of the patients instead of gaining personal health benefits or leisure.

5. We advise to call one another brothers, sisters, members or sir/madam instead of any titles of previous positions to avoid anyone feeling out of place.

6. Choose conversation topics something hopeful and supportive such as humour, health improvement, health supplements or stories of cancer survivors.


7. The leader will choose the destination and control the pace considering the weakest among the participants and it may require 2-3 separate groups to accommodate different health conditions.

8. It is prohibited drinking alcohols and smoking for other participants. Please bring your own lunch with healthy ingredients, and share it with others.

9. We advise you to participate in prayer for Sydney cancer patients and grace before meal. (Thank you for your understanding if you have different beliefs)

10. Please follow the leader’s guide to have a joyous walk and we advise to take 4 weeks off to reflect yourself for harmonious events if any participant lost temper or yell at others.

We all hope to restore physical, mental and spiritual health building a loving and caring community. Thank you for your participation.

A companion of life with Bibimbap (mixed meals)------------------------->

Introduction, cancer care, Hospice, Sydney Hospice, Acc, Sica, Australia
Introduction, cancer care, Hospice, Sydney Hospice, Acc, Sica, Australia
Bibimbap that is made at walking along the beach is a scene of koinonia where their own lunch boxes mixed together on the iron plate. Happy Hospice Community sharing patients and healthy people all together such as Bibimbap.

Hospice Community


<--- Heavy Load Sharing
Our volunteers are trying to be a joyful companion by sharing a heavy backpack in the walking the beach with cancer patients.

It is this kind of state of walking on the beach with cancer patient.