We strive to meet the needs of patients who are standing at the crossroads of life and death, and help make a wise choice for a good treatment and healing.

We strive to do our best within the boundary of hospice regardless of the patient’s religion. While we strive to meet the needs of patients, we go one step further to encourage the patients and have hope.


  We encourage treatment methods on the “creation principle” as we believe in creation, and introduce many cases where patients got better using this method. While Christian faith is not forced, it has actually helped in healing.

  1. We serve cancer patients and their family.

  - We provide translation service, counseling and other helps for the patient

      and their family

  2. We help with the cancer treatment.

  - We help patients meet others who are fighting with cancer or have already  


  - Psychological treatment is a great help for the patients. Through various

     programs of laughter, drama and music, we help the patients stay happy.

  3. We help the community be aware of health improvement.

  - The patients and volunteers (and community) walk the beach together so

      that the volunteers (and community) improve their health at the same time.

  4. Hospice and Creation Medicine Education

  - Attitude of helping the weak in hospice and the biblical principle of physical

      health improvement are encouraged through various education programs.

  5. Liaising with the community

  - We work together with the community.

  - We publish monthly magazines, “Sydney Hospice.”

  - We hold annual events to give a new hope for the patients and raise a health

      awareness in the community.

  6. We support the deathbed and funeral and the bereaved family.

  - We help look for budget conscious funerals.

  - We help the bereaved family recover and get back to normal life.



<<Patients Recovery and Health Improvement Programs>>


Australian Association of Cancer Care Incorporated(ACC) is sharing suffers and caring with the cancer patients who having struggle and fighting with the way either live or death. ACC goes one step further to encourage the patients and have hope. We arrange a meeting with cancer survivors. Psychological treatment is a great help for the patients. Through various programs of laughter, magic and music, we help the patients stay happy. ACC provides activities such as sea-sidewalks with people who have been diagnosed with cancer every Saturday, volunteer’s concert, a variety of health seminars to share the joy of recovery, a volunteer training program, counselling and treatment programs for the health of our neighbours in Australia.

The organization focuses on physical and mental health improvement of patients through meetings with other cancer patients and winners and its devised educational and practical programs. When the programs spread and each individual in the community improves his health, he will cut down his visits to doctors and this will eventually help the government save its medical budget.


1. Intercession Prayer Meeting

Date: Monday 10am

Venue: Office, St Phillip’s Eastwood Anglican Church, 29 Clanalpine Street, Eastwood, NSW 2122

Start to Nursing Homes: We have an intercession prayer meeting for cancer patients and his family every Monday and then we have lunch. At the afternoon we visit to nursing homes.


2. Natural Rehabilitation Treatment/Yoga/Gymnastics

We operate a natural rehabilitation treatment to help rehabilitate cancer patients.

Date: Monday and Tuesday 10am-3pm; Wednesday and Thursday 1pm-3pm

Venue: Next Door to Hospice Office, St Phillip’s Eastwood Anglican Church, 29 Clanalpine Street, Eastwood, NSW 2122

Individual Preparing Things: Towels and Changing Clothes


3. Walk on the Beach with cancer patients

Date: Every Saturday 10am

Venue: Circular Quay Warf 3

Individual Preparing Things: Our own lunch box and water

The ACC  hospice, which has a beach walk event every Saturday to help the rehabilitation of the patient’s suffering from cancer and to share the joy of recovery with cancer patients, reveals a dark corner of the Sydney community. The purpose of this event is to promote their physical and mental recovery through the restoration of the relationship with our neighbors. The Walking along the Beach with Cancer (WABWC) on ACC Hospice started on Saturday, August 4, 2007, the WABWC has been supported by prayers from Korean churches, organizations, and volunteers, occasionally stopped in the middle and resumed 350 times on February 28, 2015. On January 20, 2018, 60 volunteers and guests attended the festival to celebrate the 500th “Walking along the beach with cancer (WABWC)” at the Clifton Gardens near the Taronga Zoo. The Walking along the beach with cancer patients is to help with their rehabilitations and to have a positive mind from their mental suffering so that this activity can encourage mutual support among patients.

The high ozone level near the beach helps the patients see at wider angle and breathes fresher air. It helps with their recovery.

Recently we completed the 500th Walk on the Beach and currently 30~40 members participate. Initially, many participated in going to the Blue Mountains and not the beach. Nowadays, many Koreans practice Walk on the Beach program almost every day on their own. We pride ourselves in staring this movement and this improves the health of a community and hence prevention of many diseases.

We also walk barefoot in the sand while walking on the beach. This has become very popular among the intensive care patients. Walking bare footed can trigger and activate the nerve endings on feet sole. In particular, ACC helps the rehabilitation of cancer patients suffering from side effects due to radiation. Some of them are difficult to walk due to spinal stenosis. We also help people who have become half-body disabled because of stroke. Natural rehabilitation treatment programs such as half body sauna are also very helpful for the cancer patients as well as the disable aged people. In a vision we are going to develop this movement to a filial training academy for their parents of the second generations living in Sydney. This will eventually work itself into budget saving of the government.


Celebration of the 500th “Walking along the Beach with Cancer (WABWC)"


The Sydney Hospice(SICA) in March 2015, when the SICA was a close to a crisis, four to eight people participated. Then, in April 2015, with the start of the second Sydney Hospice Congress (SICA), we had a weekly walking event with the cancer every week for the biorhythm of the cancer. 20 people participated on July 4, 2015, 35 people participated in the Blackheath flower festival on October 10, 2015 despite the twists and turns. Since then, the number of participants has been steadily rising to more than 20, and about 50 people participated in the Blackheath flower festival on October 21, 2017. In 2017, a total of 203 people participated in the Hospice Walking event, total sum number of participants per year was more than 1,200 people.

In particular, Hospice Beach Walk has been receiving Aged Care certificate trainees since January 2018. In conjunction with Korean universities, we are pursuing students' field trips to Australia and are planning a beach walk campaign for other cultural Australian.As the 500th times, we have been honored as a hospice walking event that promotes health promotion in the Korean community. We invite you to the hospice community, where all the ministers are volunteers. Today, the tree of life in the hospice mission community in Australia is growing up with the grace of Jesus. ​Thank you for your prayers and support.

4. Hospice Visiting Ministry/Volunteer Training/Healing Seminars/Counseling

We regularly visit to nursing homes on Sunday and Monday to have worship and fellowship with patients. We have hospice volunteer training once a year with our MOU Hospitals in Korea. We have a health seminar to promote the health of the Korean community and arrange a meeting with patients who have experienced cancer and then share the necessary medical information together. Furthermore, we invite eminent persons related to natural therapy and have a natural healing seminar. In future we would like to introduce new materials for natural herbs that have not yet to be researched in Australia and to share best experiences of family members who care for cancer.


5. Hospice Concert/CHeced Healing Performance

We have the "Concert and Performance" once a month in order to help the mental health of cancer and the high care residents. We have had concerts in 12 nursing homes. Since October 2017, by making a Checed (Meaning: God's mercy, kindness; the etymology of 'Hospice') healing team we are finding a way to overcome cancer by treating the depression that is caused by cancer. Through the Hospice healing concert, we are helping the mental health of cancer patients and terminal patients by operating music therapy, drama therapy, and laughter treatment programs. The programs are activities that supply vitality of physical, spiritual and spiritual healing to the residents. Music Therapy is a program that allows volunteers who are well-played in musical instruments and Korean voluntary professionals who majored in vocal music to listen to the most appropriate music for the patients in nursing homes. The drama therapy program focused on showing actively and genuinely daily life styles that volunteers or patients encounter in the field of life, not the famous drama that requires professional skills by memorizing many paragraphs. It is a program that introduces the beautiful appearance of enjoying the life beyond death in this world and develops a dynamic life that regulates death. Otherwise, Confessed Apostle Paul's dynamic healing faith "Where is your victory? Where is your victory? Where is it that you shoot? Death is a sin, and the power of sin is a law" (1 Corinthians 15: 55-56). We are applying the words to ACC Hospice by pursuing a life of service with its neighbors. We are confessing that "Cancer, what is you shoot, the cancer makes depression, and the power of depression is selfishness". Then all volunteers with cancer patients can share their talents and possessions with other patients and our neighbour. Finally, it is a hospice healing concert where all participants share joy with laughter, dance routine and clapping exercise. Laughter therapy is a great way to prevent depression. And a variety of clapping exercises are effective in preventing dementia.


6. ACC Hospice Volunteer Conference

ACC Hospice had the first Korean volunteer award ceremony in the past 70 years of Korean immigration history in Sydney on November 20, 2017. Currently, the ACC Hospice Community is supported by 115 volunteers to pray for 83 cancer patients, 17 dementia and severe patients, and 18 remaining families.


7. Other Psychological Healing

- Healing through Visual Art - Free drawing often helps find cause(s) of the disease and this in turn promotes faster recovery

- Other natural therapies are provided to patients with disabilities.



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